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What’s GNum?

GNum (also known as Global Number) is a calling app that converts your phone number into a click-to-dial URL so you can stay in touch with the people who matter!

How is GNum different and how does it work?

Conventional calling apps require both parties to be connected to the Internet. With GNum, only the caller needs data or an Internet connection, and the receiver will answer as if it is a normal voice call. With only one party dependent on an Internet connection, GNum calls are clear and stable.

How can I get a personal GNum URL and what’s a CallName?

Every user will be given a unique URL upon registration with GNum. A CallName is an option to personalise your name at the end of a URL. For example, if your CallName is “Adam”, your personal URL would be “”.

How much does GNum’s service cost?

We do our best for you to stay connected without worrying about costs. At only USD 0.02/minute, call home or abroad, anytime. Call credits can be purchased directly on the GNum app.

Where is GNum available?

GNum is currently available in the United States, Singapore, India and China. We have plans to bring GNum to the rest of the world, so stay tuned for updates!

What languages does GNum support?

GNum is currently available in English. We have plans to add more languages in the future, so stay tuned for updates!

Can I use GNum whilst roaming and can I make international calls?

Yes, as long as you are registered with a mobile number within the supported countries. Do note that you will need an Internet connection to call.

Android or iOS?

GNum is available on both Android and iOS. Download GNum and start talking today! iOS / Android

How do I call with GNum?

Making calls with GNum is simple! You can make a call either through our mobile app (available on Android and iOS) or just by typing in the receiver’s GNum URL on your desktop web browser.

Can I call GNum users with my desktop web browser?

Yes, all GNum users can be reached through a desktop web browser. Simply click on their personalized GNum URL, or type in their URL (e.g. on your browser and press enter. It will activate a call to their mobile number through the web! If you are calling from a mobile browser, it will activate the GNum app to make the call.

My friend does not have GNum, can I call them?

Absolutely. All numbers within our supported countries can be reached through GNum. If you would like to reach them, invite them through the GNum app and you can call them immediately. They will then receive an SMS inviting them to download the app, personalise their URL by registering their phone number.

Can I call an emergency number with GNum?

GNum does not support emergency calls. You must make alternative communication arrangements to ensure you can reach your local emergency number if needed.

What if I don’t get a verification SMS?

The verification code can take up to one minute to reach your phone. If you do not receive the SMS, please try again and check that you have entered the correct number when requesting the code. For further customer support, please contact us at

I can’t hear the other party clearly, what’s wrong?

GNum requires that the caller to be connected to the Internet. If you are the caller, please make sure that you have a stable Internet connection. For further customer support, please contact us at

Why do I need to install Adobe Flash on my desktop to make a call?

GNum desktop calls currently only work on web browsers with Adobe Flash installed. Our team is working hard to upgrade our systems. For further customer support, please contact us at

Do I need microphone access through my desktop?

To speak with the other party via your desktop, you will need access to a microphone. Please enable access by clicking “allow” on the pop-up to make a GNum call through your desktop browser. For further customer support, please contact us at

What if the app crashes?

Please restart the app and try again. You can also report a bug under the app's settings and we will do our best to fix the issue. For further customer support, please contact us at

How can I contact GNum?

You can contact our team through or through the contact form below: